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[pct-l] New CA guidebooks vs old?

Do you NEED them?  No!
Do you NEED any guidebook?  No!
Is it good insurance to have gathered all available current information about an area before going there? Yes!

IMHO, wise is he/she who takes advantage of the experiences of others; the more current the better. You avoid making their mistakes that way......unless you like the challenge of slowly realizing that the spring you passed up this morning was the only water around for 20 miles, except for the water cache 100 yards off-trail just ahead that you know nothing about.

Wandering Bob
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  Subject: [pct-l] New CA guidebooks vs old?

  Do I need to buy the two new CA guidebooks if I have the previous one volume 
  CA guide?  Has the trail been relocated a lot?  New water sources in S. CA 
  not mentioned in previous guide? Etc...

  I plan on doing a hike next year so this might be 'jumpining the gun' a bit 
  but the new guides are only $14 each on amazon right now.

  Thanks, Christy