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[pct-l] Re: GoLite Cave (and other ramblings)

Type of hiking poles doesn't matter for Cave.  Stress of cord pulling down on 
pole is a lot less than from my full weight pushing down when going up a 
steep hill.  I use one collapsible pole and one stick I found, my wife has two 
poles of a different brand.  Foraging for a pole at the site rarely works in our 
area. We try to site the tent where trees or boulders work for one or more of 
the poles. We usually use good sized rocks for the edge ties rather than using 
the stakes.  In our 8 day trip a few weeks ago thru Northern Yosemite, I 
think we used two poles once.  The rest of the time there were trees or rocks to 
tie onto.  

We've never had drainage damage using the Cave, but have only been in heavy 
rain about 3 times.  The important thing is to site it where you are not in a 
natural drainage path, and if expecting rain, take a stick and make a drainage 
trench about one inch deep an inch or two inside of the drip line of the Cave. 
(when expecting rain, setup the Cave so the sides are close to the ground).  
When it rains, you can see the drainage trench from inside the Cave, so you 
can fine tune it without getting out.  We just got back from a llama trip 
yesterday where we had reverted to our old 2 person Sierra Designs Half Dome, since 
we were expecting heavy mosquitos and the llamas would carry it. We had heavy 
rain, hail, etc and got some water in and under the tent due to seams, and 
condensation. I couldn't check the drainage trench I had put around the tent 
without going outside.  With the Cave we would have been drier and more 
comfortable. P.S. there were no mosquitos.

> What type of hiking poles do you use with it?  (Or do you just forage for 
> branches).  I'd like to get a Cave, but want to be confident that the hiking 
> poles I choose can handle the stress of the tarp-tent (and are light:-)).  
> Have you had water problems (caused from drainage) on you trip?  Thanks for 
> your help!
> >>><RBALCORN@cs.com> 08/14/03 03:39PM >>>
> I own the original Cave without nest.  We each carry a yard of mosquito 
> netting that we tuck under our heads at night when mosquitos are bad.  Nest 
> would 
> be nice, but weighs as much as the Cave.  We use Tyvek for groundcloth.  
> Caution - be careful with siting if rain likely.  Cave is great in rain - no 
> condensation, some misting in heavy rain, but be sure drainage will flow 
> water away 
> from the tarp.

Ralph Alcorn
Shepherd Canyon Books
Publisher of We're in the Mountains, Not Over the Hill: Tales and Tips from 
Seasoned Women Backpackers