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[pct-l] Mt. Jefferson Fires

It appears much of the forest along the crest between Mt. Washington and Mt. 
Jefferson  is burning. Comparing the latest MODIS satellite images from the 
internet to section maps, it appears that the Big Lake area is involved to 
the south. Fire is burning north to Three Finger Jack and around itís east 
side and continuing north of Jack approaching Rockpile Mtn. Also a new or 
jump of the fire at or near Marion Lake to the west of the PCT and north of 
the main Booth fire by several miles appears to be growing and moving east 
towards Rockpile Mtn. as well. The Bear Butte fire has grown some and has 
spread east. Booth seems to be growing west, north and some to the south and 
has closed about half the distance between itself and the Bear fire to the 

>From what I can tell the PCT is involved in section F2 and F3 from Big Lake 
to Three Finger Jack. The PCT in sections F4 and F5 has fire near by in the 
valleys to the east and west of the crest.

Brian Dolinar

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