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[pct-l] More on Mt. Jeff. Fires

Yesterday it was reported on the forest service web site that the B and B 
complex fires (Booth and Bear butte) had jumped the PCT and is now on the 
west as well as the east sides of the trail and burning at Santaim Pass, 
Section F3. It has also jumped 22 and is on the south side of the road as 
well as the north. See previous post for hiker evacuation and by-pass rides 
for thru-hikers.

Also FYI, President Bush is in the area of the fire today not far from 
Santiam Pass giving a speech, this had been scheduled for some time and was 
not a visit intended to be on the fire, but forestry management. Could the 
two events be related? I certainly hope not. Currently, fire cause is not 

I just hiked the section two weeks ago and all looked well. Even met several 
of the Mexico to Canada thru-hikers. I wish everyone well on their trek 
north and south. Brian

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