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[pct-l] conditions on CA sections M and N

David writes:

> It's apparent that no government operative with a chainsaw has been
> on this stretch of trail between 26N02 and a few yards south of Cold Spring
> this year -- and maybe for several years. Shame!


"Shame" ????  Those "government operatives" are most commonly PCTA Trail 
Gorillas volunteering their time to help maintain this priceless gem.  If you 
happen to come along a stretch that needs some of their tireless, thankless, 
muscle pounding, sweat inducing kindness then just tackfully and respectfully 
report it. They will certainly put it onto the long list of areas that need 

The shame you speak of perhaps was meant for the National Forest crews which 
have been made rare or non-existent by the current administration's slashing 
of NFS and NPS budgets.

Thanks for the excellent report.