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[pct-l] 2004 prospect questions

Hi all,

I am preparing for a thru-hike next year and, naturally, I have a million 
I will limit myself to just two of them in this post, however  :)

1.  I am debating between three shelters:  The Tarp-tent Virga, the 
Wanderlust Nomad Lite,
and the MSR Ziod 1.0.  I would love to hear opinions on any or all of these 
tents- specifically
if people have had weather or warmth problems with them, what the 
condensation is like,
if it is a pain to have to be careful about wind direction when pitching the 
tarp-tent, if the
Zoid is not worth the weight, etc. Any experiences/opinions are helpful!

2.  Do people carry those lightweight in-step crampons in the high Sierra, 
and will they work on
non-booths (like New Balence shoes or low topped hiking shoes)?  I am 
planning on bringing an
ice axe but am wondering if the lightweight crampons will bring me 
peace-of-mind on the
steeper, snowier passes.

Thanks for your help!  I am sure you will hear from me again . . .

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