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[pct-l] pct in February

I don't believe you'll make it, at least not on the trail.  Sections A-D have 
been tested by the best, with the late April start date at Campo to the 6/15 
departure from Kennedy Meadows.   Section B ends up with a hike across Fuller 
Ridge at 8300+, a section that is snow covered and dangerous through most 
Aprils, into Mays.   Section C's climb into the San Bernardinos sees snow most 
years well into May.   You will be totally on your own from Campo to Warner 
Springs.   The thought of going around Garnet Mt in the Mt. Stephenson area in 
February, with the wind and exposure, is daunting.   With the wind, you'll need to 
look like Elmer the Eskimo.  In my opinion, hiking sections A and B in 
Feb/Mar are as dangerous as hiking the High Sierra in the same months.

john randall