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[pct-l] Jansport D3's

 Jansport name is still there ,but the company has been sold a few times over 
now and todays packs are Asian built and not the same quality as the 
Jansports of old.
     Jansports of early 70's had enough sewn on leather patches to build a 
saddle! ( The crampon patch alone had more leather  than today's mountaineering 
boots) The Jansport made in Murry's gargage with resin stained fingers from 
this Washington counter culture hippie offered some novice ideas , like side 
pocket zippers that go down the pocket instead of across the top. ( An idea that 
most packs still use) Also the main pocket zippers which worked to allow you 
to get stuff from main bag without removing the stuff on top. Jansport sold out 
to K2 in mid -70's and now are owned by Johnson wax who also owns Eureka 
Tents which also chose quanity over quality.
      Kelty's first pack sold for 24  dollars in 1952. Thanks Carl for the 
copy of the Kelty article!!! It stands in my mini-museum next to my two BB5 
    On my 50th birthday , I plan one more trip up Mt. Rainier ( hopefully 
with a few of the dead-beats from this list!!!) and the BB5 will be with me along 
with a wooden ice axe.  Side bar****** Murry got his money to start Jansport 
with the 50,000 dollar first place prize on his use of Aluminum at the 
University of Washington. Jan as in Jansport was the name of his girlfriend. 
Jansport's U-bars on their hipbelt were either loved or hated by all. In was the first 
" Flexable frame" pack and was suppose to flex with you as you walked. The D3 
was designed to carry 63 pounds according to Murry.