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[pct-l] water packs

I have a couple of Blackburn Hydropacks, one has a leaky valve, the other one gives the water a funny taste after using it for a couple of years and not cleaning it regularly.

I bought a Platypus bladder a number of years ago, I think at REI but not sure. I dropped it on a rough rock once and it developed an abrasion leak where it scraped on the rock. I took it to REI and told them I thought I bought it there but wasn't sure, they said no problem and replaced it at no charge. I also have a friend who sent one back to Platypus and they replaced it at no charge.

We use the large MSR Dromedary bags when we have burros to carry the gear and have been happy with them.

I checked with a cousin-in-law who is serving in Irak and he said they don't use any water treatment system there, they get their water in 1 liter bottles by truck. But then they are staying in one of Saddam's old palaces as well so they aren't really roughing it.

>From Peru,

Vic Hanson