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[pct-l] final questions

1.  Great idea, this "au natural" thing.  Take along a bottle of REI Bug 
Juice...100% DEET.  You can always make the decision between au natural and 
insanity and/or death by bugs when the time comes.

2.  Hiking in sneakers is the smartest move I ever made in walking gear.  I 
use NB 804s currently and threw away my boots.  This year I put 650 miles on 
the PCT from  Jack Fair's house to Truckee.  Not a single blister.  Went through 
miles and miles of snow in the High Sierra in mid June. Climbed Matterhorn 
Peak over talus, scree, and moderate angle granite.  They were not too useful on 
ice.   I use shoes that are extra wide and at least 2 sizes larger than my 
street shoes.... My pack was never over 30# and mostly under 20#.

3.  I used Iodine and neutralizer in the desert and a Pur Hiker in the 
Sierra, tho I  drank the water in the Sierra more often than I filtered it.

No Way