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[pct-l] final questions

Sandy -
My .02 -

1) Take a small pump bottle of Repel 100.  Carrying it doesn't mean you'll
use it, and you can probably give it away at the end of your hike.  But if
you really, really decide you need it - it will be there, costing you about
1.5 oz in weight.

2)  I don't recall how far you're hiking.  If you're in shape, used to
running or dayhiking in sneaks (i.e. trail shoes) - and are keeping your
packweight down, by all means use the sneaks.  But if you have foot
stability problems or are carrying a heavy pack you might stick with your
boots.  I tend to have wobbly ankles, but much prefer trail hiking in trail
shoes with my custom orthotics (current shoes are New Balance 804's).  (I
also use trekking poles - both for balance & saving knees.)   Sierran
mountaineering still gets the boots, though.

3) My husband & I use a Pur Scout filter, just because it's convenient and
pumps easily.  we've lightened up in some other areas to save on packweight.
Neither of us cares for the taste of chemically treated water, nor do we
like waiting for the treatment to take effect.

Hope this helps!

Christine "Ceanothus" Kudija
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| Leaving any day, so let me throw all my final questions to you pros at
| once-
| 1)     Will I need DEET, or some other toxic potion, going through Three
| Sisters area in about a week? I am au natural with these kinds of
| things, but everyone is telling me I'm crazy. Someone said sage is
| good-but maybe they were just telling me what I wanted to hear
| 2)     Is it stupid to hike in SNEAKERS when I have never done that
| before-always have used boots? Boots or sneaks?
| 3)     No response yet to my WATER FILTRATION question. What method do
| you all use?!!
| 4)     Thanks, David, for the Tyvek. This list works--I'm all set now!
| Sandi (sandi@bark-out.org)
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