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[pct-l] Re: GoLite Backpack (and other ramblings)

I own the original Cave without nest.  We each carry a yard of mosquito 
netting that we tuck under our heads at night when mosquitos are bad.  Nest would 
be nice, but weighs as much as the Cave.  We use Tyvek for groundcloth.  
Caution - be careful with siting if rain likely.  Cave is great in rain - no 
condensation, some misting in heavy rain, but be sure drainage will flow water away 
from the tarp.

I strongly recommend bear canister for the JMT section of the PCT.  I own two 
Garcias, but rented 2 Bearikade expeditions directly from wild-ideas for our 
JMT thru hike last year - bigger and lighter than the Garcias.  Park Service 
rental from Yosemite is easy and cheap, don't know if you can reserve - call 
their wilderness office.
Ralph Alcorn
Shepherd Canyon Books
Publisher of We're in the Mountains, Not Over the Hill:
     Tales and Tips From Seasoned Women Backpackers