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[pct-l] Re: Esbit verses Alcohol

Oh geez, not again.

Monte, if I need to melt 8 cubic yards of glacial ice
or any significant snow for water, you're right, Esbit
would suck. 

If you are on the PCT and you're cooking ramen, want
the lightest hassle free stove and your criteria for
a 'good' stove goes beyond how fast it boils water, 
then Esbit is a very good choice.

It takes 12 minutes to cook 2 pkgs of ramen. Get over
it! :)

Also, why are you people trying to light your stoves in
the wind? Get out of the wind! Relax, enjoy your meal.

Scott Parks

Art       : http://stillroaming.tripod.com/art
Hiking    : http://stillroaming.tripod.com/pct

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