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[pct-l] Down compression

How do you clean it? Marsanne

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>> I have a similar question.  I recently bought a Western Mountaineering
Hilite and it came in a box less than 1/5 of the "stuff" bag size.  R
Jardine warns against this in his PCT book and I've seen comments about it
before.  The vendor has offered to replace the bag in a larger delivery box
explaining that increased volume increases cost. <<

I'm not sure I buy into the argument that down looses much loft due to
compression. While I'm sure it's true for synthetics, the properties of down
are considerably different. With down you can easily restore the loft of an
overly compressed sleeping bag by putting it in a dyer, on no heat, with a
few tennis balls.

There maybe some effects of compression depending upon the quality of the
down, ie some grades of down have more feathers than other grades, or on how
clean the down is. As bags get use, oils and dirt will get into the down and
affect their qualities. However, proper cleaning of the down bag should
restore it to original condition.  I'm always amazed at how fluffy my bag is
after returning from a thorough cleaning.

-- Fallingwater

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