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[pct-l] Kelty is the Harley Davison of the trails

My very first solo backpacking trip was with my dad's late 50's vintage
Kelty. Did 110 miles in the Hatfield Wilderness (Columbia Gorge) loaded up
with all kinds of obscenely heavy crap when I was still young enough to pull
it off. I still use it as a loaner when friends pop into town. There's
something to be said for a product that has retained 100% of its utility
through 45 yrs. of use.

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I have a Kelty Flight and I like it a lot. I bought it 3 years ago on sale
and I have no intention of swapping it out for anything else any time soon.
When I took Outward Bound courses many years ago they were still using old
canvas on aluminum external frame monstrosities (not Keltys) with an average
of 50 pounds in them, and that was AWFUL.  Marsanne

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