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[pct-l] Castella to Seiad Valley water conditions

Just did that section last week. WARNING: there is a 14 mile dry stretch early in section P. Plenty of water down low at the start, but once past the north fork of Castle Creek, it is essentially dry as you start up the switchbacks. It is dry until the referenced cascading creek at 5750 feet and the spring a tad bit further. Then it's dry (no on-trail water) for 14 miles until the spring below the trail on your left about 2.0 miles north of road 40N30. After that your next water is pretty reliable all the way to Seiad Valley..

Wandering Bob
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  Hi all,

  I'm heading up to Castella tomorrow afternoon--can't wait!--to hike Section
  P & Q and would love to get a water report from anyone who has been that way

  Thanks in advance.


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