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[pct-l] Esbit verses Alcohol

Actually, I beleive so; becasue the surface area that is NOW burning
(both sides) is twice as much as it is laying flat! )(ONE SIDE BURNING)
If I have the correct understanding of what you meant as "on its' side".



At 10:53 AM 8/12/03 -0500, firefly wrote:
>UH, So then... That Esbit would burn faster if you turned it on its side???
>For example, if you double the size of an esbit tablet, the volume
>increasess by the cube of two 8 while the surface area only increases two
>squared, 4, therefore if the burn rate is proportional to the surface area
>(a reasonable assumption) then the this larger tablet will take twice as
>long to deliver it's energy as its smaller cousin.
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