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[pct-l] washing in the backcountry

I use the "tub" that Ray Jardine describes in his book.  Its made from a
Reliance brand plastic water jug.  Its collapsable enough to roll up and
stuff in your pack, but at the same time its rigid enough to stand on its
own when full of water.  I use it for washing myself and doing my laundry.
Just fill it with water, add some bio-degradable soap (Dr. Bronners or
Camp Suds) and wash (well away from streams and lakes!!).  Then I dump the
water, fill it again and rinse.  With non-cotton clothing you can just
ring it out and keep wearing it.


On Wed, 13 Aug 2003, Brian Bowlsby wrote:

> Does anyone have a good method for washing yourself and your clothes in the
> backcountry?  I'm looking for a method that's environmently friendly and
> also quick and easy to do. My current method is to not wash my clothes and
> to only wash myself when I can't stand the smell anymore! :-) This only
> works for short trips though...
> Thanks,
> Brian
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