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[pct-l] Esbit vs. Alcohol: Have it all!

While debating ultralight fuel, remember that the same gear can usually burn solid fuel, alcohol, or twigs.  Just flip your alcohol burner over and set an Esbit on top of it.  Or build a twig fire inside your windscreen/pot stand.  Even if Esbit is your first choice, the soda can or cat stoves only weigh a fraction of an ounce and are worth bringing in case your resupply box doesn't arrive with your Esbits but you can find some Heet, denatured, or rubbing alcohol.  

I use an aluminum windscreen/pot stand (MSR/turkey roaster/roof flashing - whatever) with holes around the bottom and bits of stainless steel 1/32" rod to hold the mug (the stand opens up bigger than the mug/pot).  It makes a nice twig stove as well.  We might experiment with tubes to blow air into the bottom for burning twigs - an ultralight lung powered Zip Stove.  Why are we hauling fuel when we're surrounded by it?  And real ultra-lighters don't carry stoves - when you can get from one resupply to another in a few days, there is no weight advantage.  While I'm simmering my 10-grain, they're out putting in 3-4 more miles.  (For me, the stove/hot cereal/coffee/hot dinner are the little luxuries that keep it from getting too stark).