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[pct-l] washing in the backcountry

For me this is part of the "system" of hiking.  I usually start at first
light and hike until 11 or noon.  I take an hour to three hour break, eat,
nap, wash clothes and myself, look at clouds, and rest my feet.

In mid-day in the Sierra clothes dry quickly, and wearing damp clothes feels
good anyway.  I don't use soap of any kind, ever.  But I rinse clothes and
self at least once a day.  On my last trip (11 days) I even rinsed out my
very dusty/dirty shoes a couple of times.

Potential and actual chafe areas get rinsed a couple times a day, and I use
one of those "Wet Ones" alcohol/aloe soaked handiwipes you buy in the picnic
section of Safeway on those areas before bed at night.

Jeff Olson
Laramie WY

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> Does anyone have a good method for washing yourself and your clothes in
> backcountry?  I'm looking for a method that's environmently friendly and
> also quick and easy to do. My current method is to not wash my clothes and
> to only wash myself when I can't stand the smell anymore! :-) This only
> works for short trips though...
> Thanks,
> Brian
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