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[pct-l] we start the JMT this Friday!


We have not met, but we probably will soon!  I am starting the JMT on
Saturday Morning and will be doing ~15 miles/day, so we will probably see
you somewhere near Lyell canyon on Sunday or Monday?  I think I saw a
picture of you in the last PCTA communicator with your diaper system entry?
Anyway, just wanted to say hi and maybe we'll meet on the trail somewhere...
Good luck with your hike!

Brian Bowlsby
2004 Gonnabe

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hello everybody,

after a few last-minute scares, we are in the final
stretch of preparation for the Muir Trail!  for those
who remember us from ADZPCTKO, Paul will of course be
riding along.  the diaper kit has been mostly
perfected but still weighs in at a little over 1.5
pounds.  Paul had a final check-up with the Dr. last
night and he (the Dr.) encouraged us to have a good
time, that Paul would be just fine.

i finished sewing the tent - i may have told some of
you about this.  it's a floorless tipi-style tent that
will give the 3 of us plenty of room.  with 10 stakes,
cord, canopy, sack and ground cloth, it weighs in at a
whopping 2 pounds, 9 ounces.  there will of course be
pictures of it when we get back.

we start from Happy Isles on Friday and plan on 10-12
miles per day - we want to get to Vermilion in time
for the Saturday night all-you-can-eat BBQ!  my
parents will meet us at Vermilion and i'm strongly
leaning toward sending Paul home with them, but we'll
make that decision at the time.  anybody who's going
to be along that stretch at the same time, please say
hello! and for those who i met at ADZPCTKO - my hair
is no longer scarlet-orange, but a mild brown.  tres
boring, no?

thanks to everyone who has encouraged us.  


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