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[pct-l] Old Kelty Pack found

I found an almost new condition, TexSport, frame pack that I haven't measured 
but is close to my old Tioga in volume and weighs 3.4 pounds with all of the 
attachments and bells and whistles.  I can probably shave another 8 ounces off 
by removing some of the unnecessary attachment points, etc.  That makes for 
one hell of a lightweight, full size, frame pack.  I paid $10 at a garage sale. 
 It is made fairly well and weathered well an arduous canyoneering, 
bushwacking, river crossing, rock climbing, off trail adventure down the Sth Fork of 
the Kern River last weekend.  What I like about it is that it doesn't divide the 
main bag up like Kelty did in later models, but allows you access to the 
bottom of the bag thru the front of the pack with a horseshoe zipper.  Our group 
also had two small Outdoor Research internal frame packs, an old Jansport frame 
pack and my old Tioga.  It was a consensus that the frame packs were much 
more comfortable in the heat but the internals were better in the bushwacking, 
boulder hopping and rock climbing (note that hiking the PCT you would be doing 
very little of this overall).

I guess that I'm still designing my "ultimate", lightweight, frame pack and 
just can't get away from the coolness in heat, the ease of organization, etc.  
I just have to figure out how to make a frame out of Easton aluminum arrow 
shafts and a bag out of sil nylon!  ;-)


aka Greg Hummel