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[pct-l] Old Kelty Pack found


I hope you didn't pay too much for that pack. I found the 1970-71 Kelty
catalog, and the BB5 (packbag only) sold for $29.75. The frame cost an
additional $21.50 or $23.75, depending on which model you got.

I was a bit off on my weight estimate. The packbag in size large is 25
ounces; the Mountaineer frame is 38 ounces. Total weight, 63 ounces--just
shy of 4 pounds. (You most likely have the Mountaineer frame, which has a
top crossbar. The Backpacker--no top crossbar--is 2 ounces lighter.)

Btw, the catalog includes this caution in bold print: "Do not order this
packbag model unless you actually need the capacity it offers." (Capacity of
the large size is 3680 cu. in.--but the sleeping bag goes below the
packbag.) Back in the '50s/'60s/'70s, Kelty Pack really was into
ultralight--at least what passed for ultralight then. Their catalog is full
of truly light gear, and their packs weren't overgrown behemoths. Somewhere
I have an old equipment list from them; IIRC, they had ~17 pounds for a
weekend, 25 pounds for a week. Doesn't have any of the yuppie crap that REI
would have you bring these days!

> Good find! That pack, which was designed for "expeditions," has a huge
> capacity, yet it was made before they started adding all the weight. I'll
> bet it's under 3 pounds--not bad at all for a comfortable, large-capacity
> frame pack!
> >  Got a old Kelty today at a Morton Wash. flee Market. It is a large size
> >BB5
> >and old Logo on flap says Glendale Calif. instead of Sun Valley. Is this
> >even old version of the BB5? Carl or Greg may know. Pack is in good shape