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[pct-l] Tacoma-4-Two Tent

U got my curiosity up..what is the link for this..I get some strange
things googling tacoma tent...and what is your model # you 
are recommending please? Tacoma-4-Two  -2?


At 12:44 PM 8/12/03 US/Central, firefly@eatel.net wrote:
>I have one and love it, for a tent. I am a hammock convert, but you cannot
>hammocks everywhere. I have the Tacoma Tent, meaning with full bathtub floor, 
>etc. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS TENT. I spent many months researching 
>the "perfect" tent and IMHO, this is it. I am too claustrophobic to close it 
>up. For the weight, it is HUGE. Mine accomodates me, my roommate, her big dog, 
>and all our gear with room to spare. Firefly 
>> Tom Reynolds writes:
>> > I am going to sell my Tacoma-4-Two tent. It is the autograph, the
>> > the first, the "only one with beaks" [to overcome some pro Jardine rant] 
>> > my wife doesn't like it. It is not the fault of the tent. It is a fine
>> > tent just as designed. However, my wife insists on closing it up tight 
>> > instead of using it as designed and I can't stand the resultant 
>condensation. If 
>> > someone on the list wants this tent have them email me.
>> > 
>> Send him an email at reynolds@iLAN.com if you are interested.  I don't know 
>> how much he is asking.  Make him an offer.  
>> Best regards,
>> Strider
>> aka Greg Hummel
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