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[pct-l] Iditarod Racers use Alcohol Stoves

 When Jeff King won the Quest Dog Race in 1989 , he used a 2 burner Coleman 
stove which he would " Dose"  with white gas to preheat , wiat for inferno to 
die down, the turn on burners to light and melt water for dogs and himself. 
   In early 90's , dog mushers began using large alcohol cookers which were 
much more simple to use, lighter and never fail to heat up to 4 gallons of 
water for their dogs. 
   Nowdays , all Iditarod  and Yukon Quest racers use alcohol stoves. If  
they work flawlessly for them and hundreds of thru-hikers , any hikers using 
something else are using a second rate stove. Go to your google search and look 
into Iditarod race gear. Muchers don't use esbit tabs or whisperlighter or 
coleman stoves. Alcohol is King of the mushers!!!   P.S. I have a whole wall full 
of second rate stoves which I love very much , but would never consider on a