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[pct-l] Bear Canisters

Desolation Wilderness is so heavily travelled I am told you really don't
need one there. The Forest Service did not insist I have one, but I am glad
I got the permit for the trip. The very nice ranger did check.  Marsanne

#2: Very subjective question.  You might run into a ranger that enforces the
letter of the law no matter what just like some traffic cops do.  I read in
a recent PCT hikers journal they ran into a ranger near Half Dome in
Yosemite (a very bear active area), so one would expect the rules to be
rather tightly enforced. This ranger talked and asked questions about their
PCT thru-hike, how they camped, etc.  Then said "You aren't carrying bear
cans, are you?". So, perhaps long distance hikers, stealth campers, or other
highly experienced hikers are recognized by the rangers and given some
leeway on the actual rules.

#3: I searched eBay and can find no Bear cans that have been sold in recent
times.  Perhaps its the wrong time of the year, like a bunch will go up for
sale in Sept/Oct after the Yosemite hiking season.  But, in my opinion, eBay
is a pretty good indicator of the "open market".  Hey, maybe there is pent
up demand since no one is selling! :)

#4 I carry mine for the overall piece of mind rather than an interest in
avoiding a penalty alone.  Avoiding a penalty is a portion of the piece of
mind. But getting hassled by a bear or losing my food is a larger portion.
I am not planning a major section of the PCT, but from the reading I've
done, I would carry mine from Kennedy Meadows (south) through Lake Tahoe at