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[pct-l] Bear Canisters

  1.. According to Yosemite rangers, the fine CAN be as high as $ 5000, but $100 is more common. 
  2.. For thru-hikers, unlikely since you're there before the rangers are out in force. However, this year Inyo NF and Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP's supposedly adopted a "no exceptions" policy towards enforcement. Still, they have to catch you...... That said, two years ago we were 15 minutes out of Tuolomne Meadows when we met a law enforcement ranger who insisted on seeing both our permit and our bear canister. He was not joking either. 
  3.. Everything has resale value. Check Ebay or ask here, like you did. Make a special post asking only that question. Ask that they reply to you directly, not to the list. 
  4.. No clue. If I were going through the Sierras, I would definitely carry my Bearikade can.
Wandering Bob
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  I know this a sensitive subject but so is the weight in my pack , so I have a few direct questions. #1 What is the penalty for not carrying a bear can in required areas ? #2 How likely is that penalty to be unforced ? #3 Do bear cans have a resale value? And if so , does anyone have one for sale or interested in mine when I'm done with it? #4 Who's carrying what(as in bear bear cans of not)  in 2004 ? 
  Thanks in advance for your comments. 
  Jesse, 2004 Gonna be (Oh , and somebody please add me to the list thats being compiled)

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