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[pct-l] Favorite Freeze-Dried Meals?

Hi Tom,
My favorite freeze dried foods are 'Mountain House' they come in 13 oz and
20 oz packages.

If I am cooking just for me I purchase the 13 oz and my favorite is their
Beef Stew poured
over instant mashed potatoes (which you take separately).

I also like their Stroganoff. And you must take one of their desserts called
Raspberry Crumble, it is yummy. Make half of it and save the other for the
next day. Maybe I have a sweet tooth, but I learned this off another hiker,
in one of those short, really light plastic containers, you buy from the
grocery store about four for a dollar or so.  Fill it with the unwrapped
round pecan pies, as many as you can shove in and those last a few meals

I can also make a meal out of Top Ramen, take along some freeze dried peas
and corn and some dried tomatoes and cook it all up together.

Also I can make a meal out of the boxed mashed potatoes which are flavored
with cheese etc.

What section will you be hiking, we hope to be on the Rainy Pass to Manning
park on Sept 4th

Marge   [The Old Gal]

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O.K. I know I'm supposed to create my meals myself for my two-week PCT trip.
But for a break, I want to take along a few prepared freeze-dried meals from
AlpineAire, Backpacker's Pantry, Mountain House etc. They should be the kind
where you can open the package, dump in boiling water, stir and let sit
until done. Does anyone care to recommend a favorite--or blast a disaster?


Tom Griffin
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