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[pct-l] Oregon Section Question

dude asked:
>does anyone know if there is an official or unofficial record for the 
>fastest hike/trail run of the Oregon Section of the PCT?

As far as I know no speed records of this type are "official." There's no organization that cares. Those of us who care keep track ourselves. I've looked into several thruhiking speed records including this one. As far as I know I hold it. When I crossed Oregon on my Calendar Triple Crown hike in 2001. I hiked the 455 miles in 12 days 22 hours, an average of about 35 miles per day. 
Have you done better? If so congratulations, please give me the details. If not and you intend to make an attempt, I wish you the best of luck. Records are made to be broken.
Flyin' Brian Robinson