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[pct-l] Drift or Bounce Boxes

I'm showing my age.  I'd rather KNOW that something will be available than
HOPE it will be, however probable.  Even if something is available at a
resupply town, it may be across town from the PO and I'd rather spend my
town-time relaxing than racing around for replacement equipment, it seems
like work which is what I'm trying to get away from (i.e. hiking is not

It was laziness that caused me to put "Cash" instead of Travellers' Checks.


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Why pay to ship something you can probably buy locally?

Only include items that will be difficult or impossible to obtain locally
(prescription refills, spare eyeglasses, new socks, 2nd pair of shoes, etc.)

NEVER send cash or credit cards; boxes are known to evaporate into the
ether. If you want funds, send yourself some $20 traveler's checks instead.

Wandering Bob
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This is what I have so far.  Seems like a lot but better safe than sorry.
Hope to hear from others.
PCT '04 Gonnabe
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