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[pct-l] Another bounce box question

A bounce box works like any other piece of mail - as far as the USPS is concerned. Priority mail is the best (fastest) way to ship it, requiring 3-5 days to reach its destination. With all First class mail, if the box is not opened, it can be forwarded. Once you open it, you'll have to pay to ship it again. You should include tape and mailing labels in the box for your own use.  

Logic suggests that you send the box two destinations ahead to assure you don't have to wait for it when you get there. BE SURE the place you send your box has out-going mail service. If it doesn't, you're stuck with your box. It would cost more, but I suppose one could also use UPS, but again, be sure there is out-going UPS service available at the destination. Be prepared to pay both for the UPS fee and for someone there to take it to UPS for you.

For hikers, the bounce box concept allows us to send a limited number of "I'll need this sooner or later" items constantly ahead of us so they'll be available when or shortly after we need them. These items should be things that would be very difficult to obtain locally (cell phone battery or charger, spare eyeglasses, custom insoles, second pair of shoes, prescription refills, guidebook pages and maps, new socks, etc.). If you send regular re-supply packages to yourself along the trail, the bounce box is more of a hassle than a help, but it's your call.

Wandering Bob