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[pct-l] Another bounce box question

I kept a roll in the box itself!! (Then just take off 
enuf to seal it and put remainder in box b4 sealing.)

May I go "duh" now for you missing the obvious? <friendly silly grin>

Miles of smiles to go!


At 08:43 AM 8/4/03 -0400, Rebecca Emily Selling wrote:
>How exactly does the bounce box idea work within the US mail system?  I
>read at some point that if a box is sent priority mail it can be forwarded
>for free.  Is this true?  Is it just one free forward or multiple?  Also,
>a small logistical question is, how does one acquire tape to seal boxes at
>the post office?  I come from Philadelphia where tape is not supplied at
>the P.O. and it seems silly to keep buying tape at each resupply stop. 
>Thanks a million for all answers!
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