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[pct-l] Re: For All thrill Seekers

> Whittake is a prime %^%$#$^  . I have had discussions at length
> with him and hehas offended so many people they threw him
> out of REI- the company he started. He offended me when

I don't know about the accuracy of the rest of your information, but Jim
Whittaker didn't start REI.

>From http://www.rei.com/aboutrei/about_rei.html?stat=side_30 :
"In 1938, mountain climbers Lloyd and Mary Anderson joined with 23 fellow
Northwest climbers to found Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI). The group
formed a consumer cooperative to supply themselves with high-quality ice
axes and other climbing gear. "

IIRC, Whittaker came to REI sometime after his Everest climb.

> I asked why his Ranier company is so arrogant and hassles
> people that dont use their service;so much so that the
> Forest service had to quell them 2 years ago I believe.

The rest of your diatribe seems to be addressed at Rainier Mountaineering,
Inc. (RMI), which AFAIK is the company of Jim's brother Lou.

I've never met Jim or Lou Whittaker--and I certainly haven't invested in any
of their companies--so I'm not here to defend 'em. But you ought to get your
facts straight before you launch an attack.