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[pct-l] Yee gawdz, get ahold of yourselves! Or, smallberriesspeaks and all listen in a state of rapture.


No one really cares if you wish to express your opinion. We all have them
and many times we can barely agree on what day of the week it is let alone
the best practices for backpacking.

However in you original post you made statements like -

" You must get the right boot for the job." - As if boots were you're only

" Carry a damn good kit...." - Then list what should be included.

"Get a sleeping bag w/polarguard delta or 3d, forget hv and down."

These statements don't come across as just casual opinions. To this reader,
they sure sounded like a lecture to me. Now maybe that wasn't your
intention, but given the visceral  reaction of others, it sure came across
that way.