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[pct-l] Jethro Tull to do PCT in 2003

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Monte, old man;

You could die this way you know. Long distance hikers have even longer memories and the Gathering isn't too many months away. Better check your sleeping bag before you crawl in.

Happy New Year

wandering Bob

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very funny.....

You had me...hook, line...and flute....I am also planning on a PCT trip this
year and I absolutely love Tull.....so, you can imagine how pumped i was
when i read your email.....and I am also a flutist...and I was already
weighing it when i read the last line of your email.....sh-e-e-e-t.. I have
been had...

I may bring it anyway...at least for the high sierra section....

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Subject: [pct-l] Jethro Tull to do PCT in 2003

>>      Happy New Year and I lied about Tull!!!
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