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[pct-l] cotton or nylon= the answer is here.

In a message dated 12/28/02 6:37:13 PM, madin@hvc.rr.com writes:

<< i never wear shorts nor short sleeves when out. gramicci summer nylon long
pants and a long sleeve golite tee. maybe 14 oz. protects me from poison
ivy, oak, sumac, scrapes, nicks, insects, every type known to me. and keeps
me very cool in hot summer climes. golite stuff blocks uv's of all types
which can mess you up. both garments go from completely wet to dry in 5
minutes or less (90 seconds if you rinse them and roll them and twist in a
towel) wear a base layer underneath each one and you have an easy to care
for 3 season dealie. if you need deet, put it on your gramiccis or golites,
not on u'r skin. wear a lite mesh hat with solid white supplex panel on top
if you be a baldy. never wear cotton. don't need sunblock gunk or deet
drippin' down into your salted and cracked nether parts. marc/ >>

Wow - I like the drying time! What about the cost?
  The guide bok sez "don't wear shorts in the desert, mainly because you
dehydrate faster. Water (and sweat) evaporates much faster in direct
sunlight. Those that love shorts, however,  are convinced that they keep you
cooler. They believe this so strongly that if they wore pants they would
inevitably feel sweatier and/or hotter. So they might as well stick with
shorts. Hike your own hike an wear your own clothes! Mine aren't likely to
fit you anyway.
  Stay away from cotton, though when you hit WA. Polar fleece is sooooooo
much better in "misty" conditions. And, like, how many people ski in jeans?