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[pct-l] Did " Bigfoot" die out along the PCT??

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Bigfoot may not exist on the PCT, but in 1962 I worked near Orleans in
Northern California--up Bluff Creek, where the famous controversial video of
Bigfoot was filmed.  I was logging at the time.  We had footprints around the
logging area several times a week.  These tracks were 17-1/2" long by 7"
across at the ball of the foot, and 5" across at the heel.  Sometimes there
were smaller tracks with the larger tracks. The tracks were not just on flat
ground; they were on the hillside of the clear cuts.  Fifty-five gallon drums
of diesel would be thrown off the edge of the landing and there would be an
odor that smelled like wet deer.  This went on all summer until I left the