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Polyester Was: RE: [pct-l] cotton or nylon

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So you wore polyester long john pants and found them cooler than nylon pant=
s?  Or are you not talking about pants, but about clothing fabric in genera=

Because I will probably bring a coolmax polyester s/s top as well as a nylo=
n or silk l/s top, which I think will work great, but I'm still trying to f=
igure out pants, because you want them to be more durable as well as breath=

And I was thinking cotton would be cooler in high temps because of the fact=
 that it stays wetter longer and is breathable/durable.  And if conditions =
are wet, just use rain pants over them or switch to long johns + rain pants=
.  And if weather is cool and dry, body heat will dry them out while wearin=
g them.

I know most people opt for nylon pants, but they feel sticky and awful to m=
e when it's hot, like wearing plastic.  Also, my nylon convertibles got ton=
s of snags all over them the last time I took them backpacking.

Still thinking I'll go with cotton, maybe keep a pair of nylon converts in =
my bounce box.  Still listening if there are more comments.

Thanks so much for the input,


>>> Brick Robbins <brick@fastpack.com> 12/26/02 05:55PM >>>
I opted for polyester in the form of CoolMax (which is a polyester thread
with a special shape).

I think that polyester is more comfortable than polyamide (Nylon). The
coolmax version drys very fast - the thread shape has more surface area to
evaporate moisture and increase cooling.

Brick Robbins

All that is gold does not glitter,
not all those who wander, are lost....

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