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[pct-l] RE: Driftboxes


Re-read the original email regarding food
and drift boxes, "...out of the way places...",
being the operative.

Why would I put shoes in my drift box if
I knew they may not fit? Of course they

Scott Parks


On Sat, 21 Dec 2002 19:14:27
 Marshall Karon wrote:
>Surely you don't mean to imply that you driftbox all of your food and
>supplies from Campo to Manning Park, do you?  Sure there are many places
>where resupplying locally is just about impossible (Belden being one of
>them). But, you could buy food in a previous town with a good store (like
>Lake Tahoe) and ship that ahead. Others have previously given some very good
>places to do just that. If you don't have anyone to ship things to you,
>don't want to spend months packing, and want variety, then using those
>places is the way to go.
>Also, a caution about sending yourself all of those shoes. They may not fit!
>If you haven't trained for months and months doing long hikes, I guarantee
>your feet will grow. And that means those fitting shoes you have in your
>driftbox may no longer fit.
>Marshall Karon
>Portland, OR
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>> Ok, ok if you can handle the cost of
>> a drift box (maybe $300), it's by far
>> the most convenient way to go.
>> You can keep fuel(esbit anyway), shoes,
>> socks, clothes, etc. Stuff that suits
>> you, not what you have to settle for
>> at the local (or not so local) outfitter.
>> Further, it's the BEST way to resupply
>> in out of the way places. Have you tried
>> to resupply in Belden lately? You can
>> resupply via drift box or take a trip all
>> the way to Quincy.
>> If the PCT is about the social experience,
>> then the more town deviations the better.
>> If it's about hiking, the drift box is your
>> friend.
>> Scott Parks

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