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[pct-l] RE: Driftboxes

I did fine without one long ago and at least one person did fine without any
supply boxes long ago and so;

With the common re-supply points along the trail well aware of thru-hiker's
needs these days, you can probably do much better now without supply boxes
and/or drift box, with one or two or three exceptions.

1) A box sent to Kennedy Meadows to exchange your lighter weight clothing for
better layers and light weight trail shoes for mid-weight (or heavy weight if
you're entering the Sierra early and counting on a good amount of snow
travel) boots.

2) A box sent to Sth Lake Tahoe or Sierra City to reverse exchange the above
and send your ice axe out.

3) A box sent to you anywhere around from Mt. Hood to points north with
similar gear and clothing exchange for the Nth Cascades and perhaps your ice
axe if you intend to climb any of the bigger volcanoes.