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[pct-l] Alcohol (stoves)

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For hikers on a budget, esbit may be a bit expensive at 50 cents a pop,
especially if you like warm breakfasts and hot drinks.  A dollar a day, or
$150 for a five month hike, just to heat water seems a little high to me.

I used a msr whisperlite internationale on the AT and PCT without any
problems finding fuel or with the stove.  I was very surprised at just how
available Heet was on the CDT and of course had no problems there either.


stillroaming@lycos.com writes:

> While I've never used a homemade alcohol
> stove, I'd vote for esbit. It was amusing
> last summer to watch my fellow hikers try
> to get fuel, "Got alcohol? Know where I
> can get some?".
> If you plan on doing nothing more than heat
> water for a meal once a day, I'd use esbit.
> The isobutane stoves are great for more
> 'elaborate' meals.
> If you're serious about weight and want
> to use the most hassle free fuel, buy lots
> of esbit tabs and keep them in your drift
> box.