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[pct-l] Alcohol (stoves)

We ran into what sounds like the same problem once on the PCT - and our
partner had the problem on the CDT.  It's not the Coleman fuel - your
salesman needs to get some experience with white gas stoves.  MSR is made to
eat Coleman and, from experience, it'll eat high test as well.
And some other stuff that's better left unmentioned here.

Highest probability is that the problem's not the jet, but the gas feed
tube.  Pull the inside part of the gas feed tube, clean it and the tube
thoroughly (preferably with a plastic scrubbee) and reassemble.  While
you've got the stove apart it wouldn't hurt to clean the whole thing with
(spray) carburetor cleaner.  Brake cleaner will also do the job.

To keep it clean, when you're finished cooking, don't allow the flame to die
on its own - blow it out.  If you don't, then the flame works its way back
to the valve inside the feed tube and creates carbon due to incomplete
combustion (insufficient oxygen in the tube for complete combustion).  And
gunks up the tube again.  "THEN" the carbon can work its way into the jet
and clog it.  But generally neither the jet nor the Coleman fuel is the base

Walk softly,

Marion Davison wrote:
>We had trouble almost every night with our MSR whisperlite last year on our
>month long hike.  We were in the Adventure 16 store last month, conferring
>with the salesman about our problem.  He tells us its the Coleman fuel we
>have been using filling up the hose with deposits and gunk.  This gunk
>keeps making its way up to clog the jet.  We can't get any other fuel
>here in the high desert, so he told us how to dissassemble and clean out
>the hoseand soak everything in gas to dissolve the gunk.  He assured us
>that doing so would restore our MSR's performance.  Good info.
>Marion Davison, "llamalady"

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