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[pct-l] Tyvek

Forgive me for the cross post, but it is the time of
year where many people are searching for supplies for
their long hike and this e-mail may be of interest to
a few people...

Last year, used Tyvek for my ground cloth. If you are
not aware of what Tyvek is, it is a
waterproof/breathable material often used in home
construction and clothing for Biohazzard type work.

It makes great material for ground cloths for a tarp
or tent.  Used a piece of it on the PCT and while it
did wear a small bit, it is still very useable. Would
not hesitate to use it again.

Traditionally to get a piece of Tyvek, you can often
go to construction sites to pick up scrap pieces. But
if you can't get a scrap piece, try the following


This grade of Tyvek is more pliable than what you find
at construction sites and resembles what Tyvek looks
like after many, many days of use. Again, found it to
be durable with only one or two very small holes in
the material after using it on the PCT (and a fair
amount of hikes before).  It is only $2.50 a yard. For
the weight and durability, Tyvek makes a great ground

Into the Wind itself is a small, locally owned company
(Boulder, CO) so you  not only get some supplies for
the trail but also support a small business who supply
good service and a good product. Not a bad thing!


PS. I have no affiliation with the company, just think
it is a good resource for hikers to use...

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