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[pct-l] Stoves and night hiking

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Frank Kroger writes:

> But I would suggest a heat proof jar as when I ran into campers who made me
> some hot water the jar shrivilled(sp?) up.

At the 2001 ADZPCTKO a couple designed and constructed, on-site, an ultra
light, hot water capable, insulated, cup.  They made it out of a plastic
water bottle cut off and then wrapped with a piece of Styrofoam cup and held
on with, of course, duct tape.  The first time that they put hot-near boiling
water in it, it shriveled up also.  They found, however, that once shriveled
it would retain its shape thereafter when exposed to heat, so this is a one
time shrivel effect.  Except, I imagine, that it might shrivel a bit more if
significantly hotter water is introduced to it after the initial shrivel. So
pre-shrivel your container at home and then you wont have any problem later

This seems to be contrary to other things that shrivel when exposed to cold!

Your shrivelling may vary,