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[pct-l] Stoves and night hiking

So, do you mix the food with cold water and then keep on hiking ?? If,
so..what do you use to mix them in ??

If not, then 30 minutes is not saving any time in my book..

But, if you are only interested in survival...then almost all dried foods
can be eaten straight out of the box/bag/bear can...just drink a lot of
water afterwards or be prepared to eject presto logs in the morning...

I used alcohol for the first time last year on my JMT hike....I had always
used a Whisperlite gas stove before . i have to admit that the alcohol stove
was not only lighter, it was easier to set up and start cooking...I was
always chowing down while my trail partners were still cooking their stuff
over their gas stoves..

Vermillion had Alcohol, so resupplying wasn't a problem... I think that I
was averaging  about 1.1 - 1.3 ounces a day..but I was not paying that much

I'll have to budget a little better on the upcoming PCT hike...or carry
more...I only had one 10 ounce bottle for the JMT..

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As far as stoves go, I gave up cooking after 400 miles. I found that any
dried food that has instructions to add boiling water can also be mixed with
cold water if it is allowed to soak for 30 minutes. Not cooking saves time,
and weight. Admittedly food prepared with hot water tastes a little better,
but I was interested in survival, not luxury. ..
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