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[pct-l] L 9 O - Snow prevent thru-hike ?

Not a stupid question. Ask some folks about 5-6 years ago and many if not
most would say "yes", the snow prevented doing a thru hike. It was a very,
very high snow year and few made it through. Even jumping around didn't
work. The very determined made it through. But everyone who hiked had a
great time and have memories to cherish. Several went back the next year and
finished those sections that were impassable to all but the mountain goats
and those who pretended to be.

So, you need to take what comes.

Marshall Karon
Portland, OR
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> Is it too early to ask about El Nino? With all the rain we're having in
the Bay Area, I know the Sierra are getting loaded with snow.
> Has the snow load prevented thru-hiking in the past? Please forgive me if
this is a stupid question.
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