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[pct-l] Dogs on PCT

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I am planning to hike the PCT through California this spring, and would lik=
e to take a dog.

My question is about what to do in the National Parks, where dogs are not a=
llowed.  I can find no information about this anywhere, which I don't under=
stand, because dogs are allowed on all other parts of the PCT, and I know p=
eople take their dogs on thru-hikes, so there must be some solution, right?

My first choice would not be to just take my dog through those parts anyway=
s, as other people have said they do.

I'm looking for some kind of workable solution, such as:

1) Alternate routes
2) Some kind of place to "stash the puppy" until I'm through those parts (k=
ennel, pet sitters at the park, etc)

How is this situation dealt with by people who take their dogs?

Anyone dealt with this problem?  Or know or have met someone who has?

Any suggestions will be VERY much appreciated.