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[pct-l] AT mileage

<< The trail the Donner Party took? (I get shivers when I hike there!)  oops
there is a pun!!! haah >>

Pun noted.  But you're right.  Who wouldn't shiver a bit while looking up at
the Donner party monument (just east of the crest at Donner Lake, off of
I-80.)  The top of the monument marks the snow level that year.  The AT is
not the only National Scenic Trail that has areas of American historical

Do many listers know that several members of the Donner party climbed the few
miles to the Crest and hiked in winter conditions down to Sacramento to
organize a rescue effort?  I've snowcamped in the area around Donner Pass
several times and am always moved by the history of the place.