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[pct-l] Bounce Boxes

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Ipmags writes:

> Also, one thing I would ammend to WC's list is that I
> would not mail a package to Tuolumne Meadows for
> re-supply. The store there has plenty of food for
> re-supply. (Also has a decent gear selection for long
> underwear, socks, gloves, hat and  some basic sundry
> items like Ibuprofen, lighters, first aid type stuff,
> etc.)

Be aware that the Toulumne Meadows post office does not open until the road
to Lee Vining opens and therefore in heavy Sierra snow years might not be
open until mid to late June, sometimes into July.  Of course, in Sierra heavy
snow years you might go north to south or flip flop anyway.

If you get to Toulumne Meadows before it opens and have sent a package there,
you will have to hitchhike into the Yosemite Valley to find your package.