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[pct-l] famous hiking trails

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Do a Google search on any trail of the trails mentioned and see which gets
the most results!  The AT has, by far, the most......


> When I wrote the question about the AT being the most
> famous trail I thought about the Inca trail. Certainly
> the best known "specific" trail.
> I actually heard about Vermont's Long Trail before I
> read about the AT. When I decided to hike the AT in 96
> I talked to only one person who had ever heard about
> it before leaving for the US. And I've met two more
> people since then, again outside the US.
> Also New Zealand and the Alps comes to mind, and of
> course Tibet/Nepal. Those might be more known than the
> INca trail, but are more wellknown areas for
> hiking/trekking than specific trails.